Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 - "Things seem to be picking up, accelerating, you could say Hastening"

Hello my dear family. I don't have a ton of time today, because I had a very many people who did write unto me a very many words, which did bring a very many happiness in my soul, even unto the gushing out of many tears, and something about bowels and good emotions.

This week was pretty cool. We have had a bit more success this week than before. Slowly but surely things seem to be picking up, accelerating, you could say hastening. A sign of that is that we have someone who probably will be baptized by the next time I write. Vincent is his name. Cheut Gaai (out street, going out on the streets) was his game until the wonderful Shatin Elders got him and his friends. He lives in Tai Wai so a couple weeks ago we took him, and he's pretty great. Elder Tong and I are a little nervous because he still doesn't know the ward too well, he's young, and still has a lot of iffy friends. We don't want him to be baptized and then go “less active”, but we have prayed and feel like he's ready for the 30th. So pray for him this week. I am really excited.

We've got another investigator who's friend already taught the first couple lessons, is going to institute, and has read the entire Book of Mormon. He'll be baptized in April. The only thing about him is that we're all scared that he's too good to be true. I keep asking deep questions, expecting to find some misunderstanding or rote recitation, but he just responds with more perfect answers, so I won't complain.

Met a guy this week named Beaver, skinny neck, super random, loves westerners. He is as weird as David but I am hopeful for him. Met a guy whose wife is going to be baptized into a Catholic church next month, so we'll put a stop to that. Things are nice. But all these people were given to us. WE still haven't found many people on the street. I am still not complaining.

My biggest stress right now is that I really feel the high expectations that the Lord has for us. There are many things that I really need to improve, but sometimes it seems like all I can do are lament for mistakes. Then last night and yesterday in general I realized that never does the Lord counsel us to despair because of sin. In fact he says something to the opposite effect in Moroni 7 (technically Mormon says it but you know my own voice or the voice of my servant it is the same...). So my message today is do not despair because of your weakness or faults. Do not be paralyzed by your sins. We need to have sorrow for them, but also have hope and joy that we can repent of them and do better. Never feel like you failed a day because you messed up, but look at it in the eternal perspective and take another step forward.


Your fatherly advice is much appreciated. I have been (very slowly) reading through the New Testament again, though I rarely feel like I have time. I find Paul's epistles very cool because they all seem to deal with very specific, practical challenges. They seem random or odd sometimes but only because we don't know exactly what the situation was in Greece or Macedonia at the time (or Paul's "eloquence" defeats us). I have learned a lot of practical application of doctrine from them.

We had a very frustrating dinner appointment last night that went over about 1 1/2 hours. I feel like we need to be tougher with the members, but they just have some weird idea that we're all starving and that we want a break from finding. And I don't want to offend them too much. We've talked about it a ton, and they still don't seem to get it quite yet. Oh well, we shall endeavor.

I think of your (and Mom's) example as missionaries often. I am glad that I have such amazing parents who both served missions to give me advice. It really means a lot. In my scriptures, right to the left of Moroni 8 v. 2 is written Glen Morrell. I love you Dad, thank you for your teaching.

I feel cheesy now, so I will try to add something else because this is no way to end a letter. I took some pictures of some German sausage at the Park n Shop this morning, I want your opinion of whether or not to eat them, but I forgot my camera cord today. One is called Pomeranian Frying Sausage, one is called Bio-Wiener and says it comes with "extra Knackig", which I am ashamed to say my meager German no longer can decipher. What is Bio-Wiener, and how much Knackig is too much Knackig?


I am glad to hear my long absence has not yet numbed you to the point of not crying, though I am very disturbed to hear that only at certain meals you feel that I should be there. Hmmmm. At least Rebecca still remembers me.

I am getting receipts, which will be sent home to you to be turned into the insurance company. One should arrive shortly. Acne is better now than before, partially because I now have stopped picking my face at all. You would be proud.

I have “Called to Serve” and “This is the Christ”, and the MoTab performing with the Chinese Children’s Galaxy Choir, randomly. I'd like the “Men of the MoTab”, any other ones that have nice cluster chords, contemplative, classical, minor, or latin songs, or if Dad thinks they're good, or if you think they're good. I like “O Divine Redeemer”, “God So Loved the World”, that type.

You'd be proud of me; today I bought my first pork chop. I have been forced to learn how to cook, though I am still not great. I am at the point now where I don't worry as much about ruining stuff so I just make things. Joseph would do well to do the same.

Remodeling. I know how to say that in Cantonese, randomly. Jong Sau, both high tone. My Cantonese listening and speaking are still nothing amazing, but my vocab is getting okay. The sisters in our ward have both been out for more than a year now; I realized today that vocab wise I have surpassed them. But if I get prideful I will lose it all so I am afraid.

I sent an email to Valerie, but I am super excited to hear about the call. She'll be great. I've also emailed Caroline a few times and she seems super well prepared. It's a pity I'll have to wait so long to see their homecomings, but say la vee (I am tetra lingual.) Valerie should dump her boyfriend now. Not sure what he's thinking, if he's an RM he knows what it's like. He he.

It'll be pretty weird if I get back and you've remodeled. Good luck on that, don't blow the budget. Ask Grandpa Morrell for advice. He's pretty cost efficient.

You should send me more stories from your mission. I realized that I have only ever heard a few of you and Dad's stories. Thank you for your upbringing. It's paying off now.


I have somewhat failed today, no time. I will be quick. David, your friend emailed me. I am happy to hear you have friends. In Canto you can't raise or lower tones at all without changing meanings, so you put particles at the end of the sentence to make them more rude. You’d like it. Chess Pres. for the win. Tell Castleton hi.

Abby, your letter is amusing. You don't seem like the type to get too nervous playing the violin, but I also wouldn't peg you as a blood puker, so hmmm. I see some weird styles in Hong Kong. You’d think it funny, I bet. More extreme then red lip stick.

Rebecca, nice letter this week. Read with Abby. I am glad to hear that at least someone remembers me. You should draw a picture of me. I don't know. I’m just like you, nothing to say. We're both blond. Woo hoo.

Joseph, you should know I battle daily with the temptation to think of physics or science or history. Cherish your opportunities while you can. Tell Mr. Miller Hi.

Sorry this was so lame, but there it is.

Elder Morrell

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