Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12, 2014 - Happy Mother's Day

I won't say too much, because we just talked and I spent more time than usual writing to others, (e.g. Matthew, Stan) but I want to say a bit more because that is just how I am.


Yeah, Japanese has 3 alphabets, I believe, one phonetic, one that I don't know, and one that is basically simplified mandarin. So there are more similarities than you would think. I heard an old missionary from Hong Kong who said when he went to Japan he could get around fine because he could read the signs. All I know is that there are too many characters to learn. I actually have picked up quite a lot recently. Usually, I can at least find a few on any writing that I know. You so skinny man, you got no way you beat me up.

Abby Rebecca,

You two are pretty sweet. Just so you both know, I think it's super funny when you burst into tears. You two are emotional people, and I like bragging about how on the way to the MTC I could make Abby cry by just looking at her.

I miss you two a lot. I show people our family picture all the time because I want to show them how awesome a family can be when they have the gospel. But honestly, I don't think that these people's families will ever be as good as you guys. I am so glad that you two feel so much love. Becca, I understand a bit of what you feel. Sometimes we do things that we just wish we could undo. In time like that, you just need to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and if you choose you can make this a sweet experience. If you feel like you can't forgive, try to repent and say sorry first. God can help us have love and forgive others, and the best way to get that help is to repent and say sorry.


I talked to you and Dad more than anyone else, so not a ton to say. Happy Mother's Day! Tell Joseph, I think he needs to pray about when he should go on mission, but I know that I myself would never want to do college first because I have learned so many essential things. But God knows best.

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