Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014 - Follow the Spirit to Serve Others

Sorry everyone but I have almost no time right now, I actually can't give the individual responses. I don't know why but all my friends decided to email me and I always worry that I'm supposed to answer some prayer through a heartfelt response. I try my best to give some heartfelt responses, so it takes some time.

Not too much has happened anyway. We had a giant sports day activity in Tai Po for the church's 65 year anniversary. It was cool, literally everyone was there, but it took up 10 hours of precious finding and I don't think it was really worth it. I saw some guys from Tai Wai. Tai Wai had a lot of success soon after I left, which is cool. I was talking with the Elder's Quorum President and he said that he felt really bad for Elder Tong and me back then. Reflecting back on it it was really rough, but I feel like I learned a lot from that time. Things are going well here in NTK. We didn't have the crazy success on the street that the last two weeks had, but we have some investigators actually progressing.

There is one kid, Ben, who is about 17. Up till this last Saturday I thought his interest was kind of mild, but he read up to 1 Nephi 6 and has a real desire to apply the atonement in his life. It is always sweet to see these people who are prepared and who are touched by the spirit.

On Monday we had an all mission meeting with Elder Rasband, who is an awesome guy. I will tell you all, the Saturday Morning Conference session will have an interesting surprise. I will not reveal what it is. But watch, that ye may be ready.

In preparation for the approaching conference talk, I have started rereading all of April Conference's talks. Those men are not lying. They are prophets. I also had the chance to read some book about President Monson, and I think I finally had an epiphany about what the real main message of his ministry is. It is to follow the spirit to serve others and thus do the work of the Lord. The Work of the Lord is not just missionary work, it is service, in all forms. I suggest that you all take time in your prayers to specifically ask to be guided to answer someone's prayer or help someone in need.

In other news there's a typhoon that passed nearby Hong Kong and stopped us from going to the temple today. The wind is, impressive. And wet. Many umbrellas have perished, mine included.

Go out and serve someone today.

P.S. Mom, I have received the package. The books are for later. Thank you!

Dad, I could definitely say the quantity of advice that you've given me, but not yet the quality.

Joseph, Run? Krav Maga? I have some strange desire to learn Judo now.

David, I miss German greatly.

Becca, congrats on your pointe part for Nutcracker. Remember that school can be fun and rewarding but only if you choose it to be. Ask Dad about waterskiing.

Abby, Scary houses are scary. And your violin skills must be impressive.

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