Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb. 16, 2015 - Interest in the Sheer Abnormality of Missionaries

Well, after that letter from Abby, I'm not sure what to say.

This has been another pretty good week. Because of some complications I don't really have any time to write emails. It is the Chinese New Year’s break so the Library is extra full and we only got 1 hour total. Chinese New Year is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Our apartment has been decked out for the last couple weeks, but now we're at the stage where everywhere you go you see people with suitcases going down the street. See, most Hong Kong people, even if they were born in Hong Kong, will identify with a particular Heung Ha, or village/town in Mainland where either they or their ancestors live. If they still have a lot of family there, come New Years they all pack up and ship out to mainland (because the houses here are ridiculously small). I recall last year on the first day of New Years there were only about a third of the lights on in some buildings.

Because of this, many people on the street will just say "after New Year’s" when you try to reschedule them. We got invited to a family's house on Saturday to be there for their New Year's feast thingy. The Mom is a super cool member, the kids are baptized, the rest were all non-members. The husband knows a lot about missionaries and the church, but the rest of them didn't, and it turned into a hilarious sort of interrogation/exhibition, with the mom and dad bragging about who we were, how odd we were, what strange rules we had to keep, how smart we were, how dedicated we were, how much we ate, etc, and the rest of the family just baffled and asking tons of questions. It was cool, I didn't even need to try to speak about doctrine, I just was blatant about our purpose and testimonies and let our extremity speak for us. There are few things that get more people to investigate the church more than the sheer abnormality of us missionaries. I am literally not kidding.

I also got you guy's package, which was awesome! I think you're trying to get me back up to my original weight. The Brussels cookies were especially appreciated. The watch is also very comfortable, and the ear plugs were definitely an inspired send. I'm a little confused about the ibuprofen, but I guess it's better to have than to not have. And the journal was excellent too. Hopefully it'll last the rest of my mission.

Two things to tell; 1, my recent convert Ben gave a talk in our ward conference, and it was awesome. He is seriously an amazing kid. I really hope he serves a mission. We've just got to convert his mom first. 2. I want to know what Eva's full name is, because honestly about 15% of people here are named Chan.


I really loved your letter. I would not buy the sofa, unless it's going to be as good as the ones at the cabin. But you must remember that the more money you put in now the more you lose when we all destroy it a week later.

Brother Lo is having some trouble, nothing specific, just some family arguments and not enough reading or meeting us.

Rachel has quit smoking and is now about ready to be baptized on the 8th.

Our investigator Ken is doing well, we taught him Word of Wisdom (of which word he has a habit of drinking coffee, smoking, and drinking wine) but he's still determined to accept it all. Super nice guy.

We have a new investigator named Mr. H, who has a ton of issues but is very interested and very available to be taught, so I’m really excited for him.

We have a newish guy named Mr Chau, who is hilarious, old, fat, and just says everything we mention or show him is "very amazing!'

Stephy and her sister Ivy are doing okay, but don't yet have big enough desire.


I am actually not moving yet. I thought I was this week, but the moves aren't until next Tuesday, so I won't know until the week after next. I could feel your hand in most of the gifts. It's really nice to get stuff from home. I realized that I haven't had any real desserts for a while. It's been warming up over here recently. Sorry, no time, but I love you!


I would consider BYU, not mainly because of educational reasons but because of the gospel reasons. Honestly, any university besides BYU is going to be hard to be a very active member, and very hard to avoid temptation. Obviously this is entirely your choice, but there are things more important than careers.

Congrats on the English acclamation, though I maintain that any recognition for science is innately superior to any recognition for English Subjective mess that it is. Still that's coming from the guy who didn't win Sterling Scholar.


I applaud your digging.

I maintain that the game CS is still one battle, even if split into multiple rounds.

What are you doing with programming recently?


That's a tough question. I think that a 6 week Ballet Camp is a pretty long time. It would be a cool experience, but you need to remember how much you would miss out because of it. Still, it sounds like you've gotten a lot more serious about dancing, so maybe it'll be good. How are you earning money for it? Still selling lemonade?


Your birthday card was definitely the most impressive. It really brought home to me. And the length thereof was exceedingly exceeding, yea even to exceed all other cards heretofore seen. And I get the feeling that you love me. Where is the fort? Try to describe the exact location using words. How did you build it? Love you!

Sorry no pictures, I lost my camera and only found it an hour ago. The work rolls on. Be true to the faith. I know that the Savior lives, and because He lives we will all be able to live together forever. GO to the temple more.


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