Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 18, 2015 - Letter from Br. Kwok at the Church Institute Program

Elder Little, Elder Morrell, and a recent convert

Elder Little and Elder Morrell with folding chairs (see letter for explanation.)
Dear Brother and Sister Morrell,

This is Brother Kwok from Hong Kong. You do not know me but I am writing to you because I met your son, Elder Morrell, yesterday. He is a wonderful missionary and we were able to visit with a new convert sister and introduce her to the Church Institute program. Attached is a picture of Elder Morrell, his companion and Sister Nicole Li. I thought you might be interested to have a copy of this picture.

Elder Morrell is a very dedicated missionary. He speaks perfect Cantonese! He and his companion are working hard to serve the children of our Heavenly Father. They are great example of the Gospel and I know if you were able to see what they are doing here, you will be very proud of Elder Morrell!

I took the second picture of the two missionaries holding a folding chair - I have never seen missionaries who would bring a folding chair to teach. They told me that they are going to an appointment in a park and the long chair makes it very difficult for them to talk to the investigator face to face, that is why they are bringing a folding chair. I was really impressed. They are determined to teach and they are very focus on what they are doing!

Thank you for your sacrifice in allowing Elder Morrell to come and serve a mission in Hong Kong. We are grateful for his dedication, and we are thankful for the sacrifice that you made! We pray for the success of our missionaries, and if there is anything we can do for you or for Elder Morrell, please feel free to let us know!


Kam Tim Kwok
Hong Kong S&I office

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