Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 - Best Week of my Mission

Rushed time frames seem to run in the family. Today I don't have much time at all to email because we are getting treated to a really nice lunch in Mong Kok by Ida Zhao, the recent convert who is awesome. Because of trouble at the email place I have 5 minutes.

It is a pity because this week was probably the best week I've ever had on my mission. We had these ridiculously high goals because we set them back when we were a tri-panionship, then we split and thought we had no chance. But we found 6 new investigators this week and had a ton of people at church. More than I've ever had before. 5 investigators and 3 less active (LA) members. It was the most stressful and rewarding Sunday I've had on my mission. The rest of the week has also really been miraculous, our finding has been really great. We found a new guy named Billy who has a chance, though slim, of being baptized in July. KK is still doing great, the change in her is amazing.

Last big thing. I am going to be training a new missionary next Thursday! He will probably be from England, but there is one new missionary from Hong Kong so we will see. I am nervous, but excited. It'll be pretty cool.

Mom, best part of war chapters is the mothers of the army of Helaman.

Rebecca, she looked like you. Literally. It was freaky.

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