Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014 - I Had Grown to Really Care About the Other Investigators!

Okay family, I carved out significantly more time for you this week by sending little puny emails to my friends, because you guys are all worth it. On that note, I am too lazy to ever send my email to any one, and I really hope Matthew and Evan and Spencer and Elizabeth and anyone else are getting this, but I'm sure not going to change.

Super random changes occurred. I am no longer in a tri-panionship. On Thursday, about an hour after a 3 hour long weekly planning session, we got a call from some really confused zone leaders that Elder Lee, from Tung Chung, is going with Elder Yim and we're back to two companioships in Chai Wan. That was pretty weird. Just so you all know, we don't know why. There was no crazy scandal, at least as far as anyone knows, and President Hawks is a little infamous for this. As a side note, this move voided our 3 hours of planning. Yes.

So now Elder Lee is here. He is a super nice guy, really humble and kind and excited in a sort of child like (not childish) way. But he brought a ton of junk with him. A ton. David would be pleased, he found a $200 massive folding chess board that came with really nice 1 1/2 inch tall wooden pieces modeled after ancient Chinese things. Beautiful. But random. And not alone.

Because of this move we no longer have a ton of investigators. I had grown to really care about the other investigators we had, so that was a bit rough. But this Sunday they all went to church, and one of them got baptized! Frankie, 19, super cool guy, and his mom is now an investigator. KK is still progressing pretty well. It's so cool to see how she has been changing already. She used to be consumingly lazy. Now only mostly lazy.

I want to mention there were several things about indexing in the last Liahona that we got (because we don't get the Ensign here), and I realized that it really is an amazing way to serve and prepare yourself for the temple. Maybe it's just my missionary perspective, but I have started looking at things in terms of whether or not they help you progress spiritually. Things like scripture study, activities, church, indexing, all these things really seem like a sort of fuel that can feed your spiritual fire. I know that if you guys, especially David and Joseph, will put some time into it, (and keep going to the temple) you will get some real satisfaction from it, and you'll look back and be happier.

One last thing, today Elder Barker was trying to find the newest edition of The Right Word in Cantonese, the book you guys sent me. There is a better new edition, and he really wanted it. Over the last few weeks we have been to Kowloon Tong's Festival Walk, Kowloon Bay's Mega Box, Tai Koo's mall trying unsuccessfully to find it. Today we went to SOGO mall in Causeway Bay, Hay Sun(?) don't know English one for that (?) mall in Causeway Bay, before finally finding it in a commercial press shop. Book stores are dangerous to me. Sending this now because I think I have to re-log in.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY because I forgot to ever mention it. You are now officially old. I find the connection between you saying coal shoveling and mom saying coal burning interesting.

Your advice on working hard has actually always been super useful to me. I can witness, it is true. Now that we're split up again we'll have some more finding time for a while, which I don't mind too much. Finding can teach you a ton about how people work, or about what the gospel really is. What approaches did you develop for tracting? I'm also curious how good your German got while you were there. Today we saw an ad for some new dryer technology by none other than Siemens, which reminded me. How did that idea you had ever pan out? Or is it still being digested by the science/grant giving digestive system?


Happy Birthday! You are still only 30 something, right? It'll be really weird to get home to have the basement different. Even weirder with you guys different. I still have the receipts; I plan on sending them directly back as soon as I send a letter to Caroline. My acne is now much better. Cold showers are pretty comfy right now for most of the time, except for in the morning on Sunday. No workout, so it's a bit chilly. But February was the real test for that. I almost folded. But I endured.

I wanted to mention that Vincent called me randomly. I think he's still struggling a bit but he's okay. Just a lot of family, work, sports pressure on a 17 year old not yet baptized kid. Keep him in your prayers. I do.


I've been trying to get my bicep strength up. I don't remember what my 5k time was, I ran it in sophomore year for Tressler, and I couldn't run the whole thing. I'll be happy to run with you when I get back.

Really, do the indexing thing. It'll be worth it. I saw ads for that movie. Nice to have a brother to keep me informed. I've thought a lot about what movies I'll watch when I get back. Honestly, I'd like to set a prohibitively high standard. I think missions give you the clearest perspective for these things. We'll see.


EFY is pretty cool. I have a lot of scriptures marked from EFY. Just throw yourself into it. It's sort of like a mission in that everything is gospelly.

BYU (David wrote his letter in such a way to highlight these three letters for John to figure out.)

I am afraid that Elder Lee is going to wipe me out in Chess. Where is my classic practice mate? I have finally really mastered getting up in the mornings. 6;55 every morning, fold up my blanket, jump down from the bunk, bathroom, contacts, pray, and write in dream journal because recently I have had some super weird dreams.


Don't freak out, but I have seen you in the future. Really. Today at the mall, Hay sun, there was some giant makeup ad of some women wearing a ton of makeup. It was you. Your eyes somehow lost all their greenness, and your face had narrowed out, and you had some weird make up on, but it was totally you. Even Elder Barker looked at it and said, “Whoa it's your sister.” Not kidding.

I love your description of swimming. I'm looking forward to going to the pool with you guys when I get back. I saw Allegiant at a book store today.


I bet my dreams have been even weirder than yours. I am glad to hear there are more people moving into our ward. It's a bit small. Swim team is something that is super good for your body and your mind. I really feel that our physical shape and habits affect our spiritual habits, e.g. word of wisdom. By getting in better shape and training yourself to work hard, you will learn a lot of things that will help you for your life. I still am enjoying swim team's benefits. So keep it up, butter cup.

Love you all, family. Sorry no photos, this place won't let me.

Elder Morrell

P.S. How are the war chapters, Mom? Also, do you guys ever read Preach My Gospel? The prophets have told you to. And to report back to me. Elder Ballard...

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