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May 4, 2015 - Why the Restoration Matters!

Elder Barker's Last PDay

Ida Chau gave the missionaries this meal in honor of Elder Barker

Dim Sum
Well, this week was pretty goodly, but strange. I had my last 3 days with Elder Black on Monday to Wednesday. We visited a super rich family in our ward. Their house had 2 stories, which might not sound like much, but believe me, there are probably more old ladies above the age of 95 than homes with 2 stories within a 15 mile radius of this library. So that was fun. Tuesday we had a very interesting district meeting because we announced our moves, which I'll get to in a moment. Wednesday we went to Crossroads, and helped them remodel the free trade shop in there. Crossroads is cool because they all love the Mormons and they fight over who gets to use us when we come to volunteer. Some guy treated us to this crazy good chocolate ice drink randomly. Honestly I would go even if there was a moderate fee to serve there. It's crazy fun. Did you know I know how to open a shipping container now? Yeah, there's a special way to open them.

Then Thursday. We went down to Kowloon Tong to the mission office to drop off Elder Black, who is speaking sign language on the island now, and Elder Loderup, who is finishing (Elder Loderup is a really cool missionary. He's by no means perfect, but I looked up to him since he served in Shatin and I was in Tai Wai. And he managed to pack all his earthly belongings into one 50 lb suitcase, so that was impressive.). Then I, and Elder Little, and Elder Busby headed home.

I am still in Castle Peak Bay, but now in a tripanionship with Elder Busby and Little (Elder Little served on the Island when I was at Chai Wan, so I know him a bit, Elder Busby's the previous Zone Leader with Elder Loderup, and from my group in the MTC!) and Elder Little and I are the Zone Leaders, Elder Busby is the District Leader. That was pretty unexpected. But it's been really fun so far. Because all three of us are relatively experienced, we've been able to have some really great lessons and set some awesome plans. It's going to be a powerful 3 weeks before we split up again. But we're ridiculously busy, because of Zone Leader things and serving 2 wards. We were at the chapel for about 10 hours yesterday. Went to church twice, had 2 ward correlation meetings, and gave a training in a stake mission leadership meeting. And we've been preparing our Zone training meeting like mad, because neither of us have been Zone Leader before. I haven't gone finding with them yet.

I'd like to share something that we have taught several members recently, and which I love to testify of, which is the apostasy. Everyone knows what it is, and most know why it happened, and many can tell you in great depth exactly how and when and where it happened, much more clearly and persuasively than I ever could. So I won't try to teach about the history. But when I teach investigators the apostasy, I'm honestly not too worried about the history either. Sure, I want them to understand that other churches are false, and that is very difficult to teach sometimes, but that's really not enough. For an investigator to care about the Restoration, they need to know really WHAT WAS LOST IN THE APOSTASY. So, what do you think?

Usually members will answer; prophets were lost, or scriptures, the organization of the church, priesthood authority. It's really true. All those things were lost. Have you ever thought of what that would mean to you? Mom and Dad, if you had no chance to be missionaries, if you knew you weren't sealed to your parents, or each other, or us kids, would you have made it through medical school or other challenges in your lives? Joseph and David, if you had no chance to repent, to come unto Christ and change, if you didn't know about the plan of salvation, who would you be right now? Where'd you be going? Rebecca, Abby, if you didn't know that you had a Father in Heaven, who loves you, and listens to your prayers even in the toughest and darkest times, could you be truly happy? I think if I didn't have a chance to know Jesus, to be a missionary, or to have hope for my future, I really don't know what I'd tell myself when things went wrong. I can't put it into words, and I'm no great writer or speaker to illuminate this idea, but I just want you to feel for a moment, and let the spirit tell you what it'd be like to live in the apostasy.

That is why the Restoration matters. And when people understand that (which is not often) they really understand the need for the Restoration, and they feel a need to know if it's true. I testify that Joseph Smith saw God. Through him the Gospel was restored. I know that God lives, and that families can be forever, and that forgiveness is possible, and that prayers will be answered. And though I'm a missionary, I say that as a normal person, just like you guys or anyone of your friends. It matters to me; I hope it matters to you and to everyone else.

And you all have those friends who are living in the apostasy right now. Their restoration hasn't happened yet. So I invite you to remember the blessings the Lord has given us, rejoice, and tell someone else. I know I'm not a great writer, but listen to the spirit of what I'm trying to say and do it, please.


I never thought I'd be Zone Leader, and now that I am I don't know how you'd do it alone. Especially since we at least have Elder Busby to answer our questions. You were alone. It's been super stressful but really fun. We had time for only 30- minutes of personal study yesterday. I've also noticed I lie awake at night for a long time thinking...We'll see how this all pans out. We may be fired in a month or two.

Brother Chi and his family are doing great. He's getting ready for his baptismal date, but he's going to mainland soon, and we won’t be able to see him for a bit. His biggest challenge is quitting smoking, but he's got such great faith and is so teachable, I think he can do it much more easily than my previous investigators. Oh, by the way, Rachel from NTK got baptized! I heard that a few weeks ago.

The only other guy from CPB ward that we taught this week was A Chung but he changed his name to A Lai just to mess with me. He came to the last 2 hours of church on Sunday and was really interested in Temples. He's a bit flaky sometimes, but he's got really great, pure desire. Hopefully this coming week will be good for him.

I feel like you do in the sense of not being able to keep track of things to fix. We already have so little free time and now it's full of Zone Leader stuff. I have a big goal to read the Book of Mormon in Chinese, I'm now in Words of Mormon, but my time is seriously limited now.


Our Mother's Day call should be on Monday, the 11th, 8:30 am my time. If that doesn't work than find a way, because I'm calling then. It should be about 35-40 minutes long. This will be my last call home. Super weird.

The weather’s finally been getting hot again. Summer is on its way. It's been really humid recently as well. The deodorant you sent last time is actually super effective. You wouldn’t' think it, but Chinese deodorant is really pathetic. It just doesn't work at all. So thank you. I spent like $200 (HKD don't worry) on a wart freezing thing because I've got a couple warts on my hand and I feel like it's awkward to shake hands. Sorry your email is so random, that's just what I had to say. I'll be more sincere on Mother's Day. But I really do love you.


I feel like I started to learn that only a little bit senior year and mostly on my mission, so that will serve you really well if you can really apply that in your life. I think you're a lot more mature than I was when I was your age...

You say you're my equal as if that was a good thing. Odd.


First off, I want to say that I'm glad you weren't hurt in the car crash. I do mean the advice I gave last time, but as I was leaving the library I realized that my little brother (Chinese sai lou) was uninjured in a car crash and I didn't really even express any care. I really am glad you're safe. Keep limping on. Good on the German, keep up the legacy. Leaf blowers? Lawn trimmers? etc?

I can only imagine your exhaustion.


I like how your victory at the tournament is such an expected thing. "Oh, by the way, we got first in everything, so that was nice." Have you ever heard my line of reasoning for why dance is not a sport? It's really not offensive, don't worry. The family we visited on Monday had a young girl, 12 year old, who loved ballet and jazz, so I told her you were better in every way. Just kidding. gong siu je! But it really was like being at home because she kept doing stretches everywhere and randomly standing up during dinner to do pirouettes and jumps.


That was my bread you ate. Mine.
Our area near our house.

 Frozen yogurt place (expensive).

The Yau family (Rebecca, the girl is like you).

 Elder Little is super huge.  I feel very safe with him in our companionship)

Elder Busby

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